Along with special guest Maris H. Blechner, M.Ed, LCSW, we explore the current state of adoption, including misconceptions about the process, who is adopting, who is placing their children up for adoption and who needs to be adopted in the United States. We also look at:

  • What makes an adoption successful or unsuccessful, how to talk with kids about adoption, and the challenges and rewards of adopting older children and profoundly traumatized kids.
  • How early life traumas impact a child’s ability to trust and attach to adoptive parents.

Maris H. Blechner also describes what happens when adopted kids want to seek out their birth parents.

Most importantly, you will hear moving and heartwarming stories about the ways in which the lives of infants, developmentally delayed kids and older kids have been changed through the healing and reparative process of adoption.

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