In this hour our guest will make the distinction between obsessions and compulsions and describe the red flags that indicate if someone is suffering from OCD. We will explore the specific kinds of impairment that people experience in the workplace, at school, and in their personal relationships. We will talk about the assessment tools that are used to make the diagnosis and whether people with OCD have additional diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, or addictions. We will explore the ways in which family members and friends respond to these behaviors in loved ones and how those responses are either helpful or add to the sufferer’s distress. We will identify the common treatment options that have been available to people with OCD, including medications and therapy techniques, and then listen to inspiring anecdotes from our guest who has successfully and effectively treated OCD for many years.

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Special Guest:

Susan Osofsky, LCSW

Susan is in private practice in Richmond, VA.specializing in the treatment of OCD, anxiety, eating disorders and trauma. Before she entered private practice 17 years ago, Susan worked on a Crisis Intervention team at a Community Services Board, and did Critical Incident Stress Debriefings to law enforcement, fire and rescue workers. She has also worked in community corrections and residential drug treatment. In addition to her faculty position at The Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy Training and Education, she presents at national conferences and gives university continuing education seminars. Her interest in treating people with anxiety and OCD was born of having been what she refers to as a “teenaged hand washer.” Through use of her clinical expertise, training, and personal experiences, she has successfully treated people with these disorders for close to 20 years. Susan is certified as a Level II EMDR practitioner and as an instructor of Life Force Yoga for Depression.  Read more about Susan here. >

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