So many people go through life burdened and overwhelmed by feelings of shame. In this hour our guest will define the concept of ”shame,” distinguishing it from guilt and other emotions. We will look at some of the ways in which shame effects our thoughts, feelings, inter-personal relationships, workplace and school performance, and behavioral choices. We will explore the life experiences and relationship dynamics that can evoke a sense of shame, and whether this is a feeling that always comes from inside of us, or if it’s an emotion that others can make us feel through their words and actions. Our guest will discuss how she works with shame as a clinician, processing the treatment strategies that she has found particularly effective. She will also share some success stories of clients who have been able to overcome their sense of shame while re-claiming a greater sense of self-worth and self-compassion.

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Special Guest:

Janina Fisher, PhD

Janina Fisher, Ph.D. is an Instructor at the Trauma Center, a clinic and research center founded by Bessel van der Kolk. Known for her expertise in treating trauma and dissociation from a somatic perspective, she is Assistant Director of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, past president of the New England Society for the Treatment of Trauma and Dissociation, an EMDR International Association Consultant, and former Instructor, Harvard Medical School. Dr. Fisher has authored a number of articles on trauma treatment and lectures nationally and internationally on the integration of the neurobiological research and body-oriented psychotherapy into traditional therapeutic modalities.

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