In this hour I will discuss with my guest, Denise Tordella, some of the challenges and barriers that are unique to treating women with addiction issues. We will explore the physical, emotional, and behavioral red flags that indicate the possibility of a substance abuse problem, as well as the slippery slope that quickly brings women to a place of being out of control with alcohol. We will process the relationship between addiction and trauma as well as other factors that may contribute to substance use and abuse. Special attention will be paid to the very real feelings of embarrassment, shame and denial that prevent women from seeking treatment and getting the help they deserve. We will also discuss the common myths and stereotypes that relate to women and addiction, and helping professionals will learn how to recognize the problem when treating their patients. As always, we will provide resources for hope and support!

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Special Guest:

Denise Tordella, MA, LPC

Denise Tordella, LPC Denise is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a degree in psychology from SUNY Stony Brook and a graduate degree in counseling from George Washington University’s Graduate School of Education and Human Development. She has a Certificate in Advanced Trauma Treatment and is trained in EMDR and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Currently, she is in private practice where she provides clients with treatment for mental health and substance abuse disorders through the lens of trauma. Her areas of specialization include addiction, dissociation, trauma and working with survivors of sexual abuse and interpersonal violence. She is also a consultant to various non-profit agencies and mental health treatment providers. In July 2009 Washington Magazine recognized her as one of the Top Therapists specializing in substance abuse treatment in the metropolitan DC area. Learn more about Denise here. >

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