A shockingly high number of successful people meet diagnostic criteria for narcissism. In this hour, along with special guest Dr. Daniel Lerner, founder and CEO of Strategic Family Solution, we will explore the traits found in people with narcissistic personality disorder and process some of the more common red flags that indicate we are interacting with a narcissist both in the workplace and in our personal relationships. We will explain how narcissists often acquire high levels of success and power while still experiencing a sense of emptiness in their lives. My guest will offer specific, effective strategies that explain how to respond to a narcissist in ways that don’t increase their dysfunctional power and control. Just as importantly, we will explore what not to do when interacting with a narcissist to avoid inadvertently giving them the upper hand. We will also explore the differences between narcissists and sociopaths. Listeners will come away with concrete tools to better manage the narcissistic boss, parent, spouse or co-worker.

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Special Guest:

Daniel Lerner, PsyD

As a Family Strategist and founder of Strategic Family Solution, LLC, Dr. Lerner helps individuals whose businesses, wealth, and relationships are threatened by intergenerational friction, antagonistic divorces, sibling rivalry, and addiction. He has given presentations on ethics, spirituality, and professional practice at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the University of Maryland and the University of Baltimore law schools. Dr. Lerner has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Rabbinical Ordination, a Master of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Education. He has worked with gambling addictions, pathological narcissism, interventions for at-risk youth, family therapy, vocational counseling, and communication/social skills training. Dr. Lerner’s recent research has focused on the role of emotion in decision-making and the science of effective communication. His latest clinical endeavor includes a highly effective model for treating anxiety, fear and panic. Learn more about Dr. Lerner here. >

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