In this hour, will be discussing the prevalence of Internet infidelities and the impact they have on relationships. We will explore the things that make it easier for people to gravitate towards on-line intimate chat rooms and other cyber-sex activities. We’ll talk about the “culture” of the Internet and how it invites and supports infidelities, enabling users to rationalize that they are not really “cheating” on their partners. We’ll look at the role that anonymity plays in encouraging and supporting ongoing Internet affairs. Lisa will also describe how people who excessively engage in cyber-sex activities may have a sexual addiction and she will share the red flags that are indicative of that diagnosis. As we process the devastating impact that Internet affairs can have on both the person who cheats and the person who feels betrayed, we will also look at specific strategies that couples and clinicians can do to help rebuild and restore a sense of trust in the relationship.

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