In this hour, my guest, Betsy Otter Thompson, will inspire and motivate you with her personal story of overcoming near homelessness and creating a hugely successful and meaningful life driven by spirituality, a sense of new-found purpose, personal responsibility, and accountability. She will share the philosophy that she has written about in several of her books. You will learn how her mindset can allow you to work with and through many cognitive, emotional, and behavioral roadblocks. We will address how to compassionately handle issues including making a mistake, being perfectionistic, never thinking you have enough money, disagreeing with loved ones, and feeling creatively blocked by fear. As you learn to address the “what if’s” head-on, you will discover a way to navigate life’s challenges with integrity, and ultimately, a sense of inner peace. This hour will remind you that what’s most important is not what happens to us, but rather how we handle it.

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Special Guest:

Betsy Otter Thompson

A Philadelphia native with a B.F.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, Betsy worked as an account executive for several Philadelphia radio stations and as a commercial print model, appearing in television commercials in Philadelphia and New York. After moving to California, Betsy struggled and nearly became homeless. After she recognized her tendency to blame others for her problems, she become accountable and began to recover. She worked for the next eighteen years as an Executive Assistant to an entertainment executive in the film industry. Betsy retired in 2005 and is now writing full-time. Her books include, “The What Happens If I…Book” “Walking Through Illusion,” “The Mirror Theory,” “Loveparent,” and “Lovehuman.”

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