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Join Lisa Ferentz, in an interview with Allison Walsh and Dr. Angela Phillips, hosts of  “Dear Mind, You Matter,” as she dives into how prevalent trauma really is, and how it can manifest in the present where we least expect it. We also hear Lisa’s advice on what to watch for when prior trauma may be bubbling below the surface, and how to better cope with our unique experiences.

“If you really struggle with self-care, to me, that’s a big red flag. Often, what it means is that no one modeled for you that your body deserved to be well taken care of.

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Dear Mind, You Matter is brought to you by NOBU, a new mental health, and wellness app. To download NOBU, visit the app store or Google Play.
This podcast is hosted by Allison Walsh  and Dr. Angela Phillips. It is produced by Allison Walsh, Ashley Tate, and Nicole LaNeve.

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