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(New) Online Training – It’s About Relationships

November 9 Login to Zoom.com 8:30am ; Training 8:45am-4:00pm $169, 6 CEUs Presenter: Naomi Goldstick Rosner, LCSW-C Zoom.com, MD + Google Map

Many of our clients have no experience being in a healthy relationship, not with others and, often, not with themselves. In fact when a client seeks therapy, it’s inevitably about a relationship. Work focuses either on difficulties in life with another person, OR difficulties with oneself. In this workshop we will begin by looking at the client’s fundamental relationship with “me, myself, and I”. We will explore negative ways clients treat themselves and examine if clients can tolerate their own company and if they speak to themselves with compassion or constant berating. How does their relationship with self, affect their relationships with others? And, conversely, how does their relationship with others affect their relationship with themselves?

Together we will focus on what constitutes a healthy relationship both with self and with others. When we help clients find their own voices, and learn to advocate for themselves, they are then best able to protect themselves emotionally from challenging or unhealthy relationships, and able to grow and nurture healthy relationships – especially with themselves.

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Learning Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of the four types of communication.
  • Identify different types of unhealthy and destructive relationships.
  • Obtain knowledge of methods to implement healthy boundaries.
  • Learn skills to teach clients to emotionally protect and regulate themselves.



  • What is a healthy relationship?
  • The fundamental relationship – exploring how clients get in their own way
  • Defining communication styles
  • Understanding power vs. powerlessness

1030-10:40 BREAK


  • Examining types of unhealthy relationships
  • Looking at roadblocks to communication
  • Comparing factors between conflicts in personal and professional relationships
  • Exploring ways to help clients protect themselves emotionally
  • Implementing boundaries in relationships

12:00-1:00 LUNCH


  • Looking at conflict resolution in healthy relationships
  • Learning skills to help clients with emotional regulation

2:30-2:40 BREAK


  • Case presentations demonstrating how to implement the material
Viewing the back of two young men with their arms around each other