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Online Workshop: Covid, Trauma, and Tele-health: Ethical Considerations in Practice

March 5 Login to Zoom.com 8:30am;  Training 8:45am-12:00pm $79, 3 Ethics CEUs Presenter: Lisa Ferentz, LCSW-C DAPA Zoom.us, MD + Google Map

Please Note: This workshop is NOT eligible for the “Bring a Friend” discount.

Many clinicians who work with trauma survivors and clients recovering from addictions understand the inherently reparative and healing effect of doing face-to-face therapy. And yet, in our current realty and the need for physical distancing, we are forced to shift to online sessions.  Although this transition can be difficult for therapists and clients alike, for clients with histories of trauma, abuse and neglect, the shift to tele-therapy and the reverberating impact of the pandemic on a personal and global level can be profoundly triggering, creating some unique challenges for therapists.

In this 3-hour live, interactive webinar, we will explore the cognitive, emotional, somatic and behavioral impact that these triggers can have on traumatized clients. We will process some relevant themes that therapists should be exploring with their clients including: the impact of isolation; rekindling of past trauma; issues of loss; vulnerability to relapsing; and the triggering of helplessness and uncertainty.  We will also explore how deeply to go in an online session, balancing the need for clients to focus on the virus with an attempt to maintain some semblance of continuity and momentum in whatever they were addressing before the pandemic began.

Since so many therapists are inexperienced with an online therapy format, we will also process the challenges of using an online platform as we attempt to do good work from our living room or kitchen table. We will discuss the need to maintain boundaries, the very real phenomenon of “Zoom fatigue,” how to enhance a sense of attunement, and how to navigate the potential glitches that can occur during a session.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe at least three cognitive, emotional, behavioral and somatic manifestations of the pandemic on traumatized clients.
  2. Identify at least five issues that can surface for traumatized clients as they attempt to navigate the pandemic, physical distancing, and the shift to online therapy sessions.
  3. Identify the specific dynamic of loss as it pertains to physical distancing and on-line sessions
  4. Address the challenges related to boundaries when doing therapy on-line and how to navigate the potential for a lack of attunement during the session.
  5. Identify the impact that “uncertainty” has as it pertains to the pandemic and the nature of tele-therapy.


8:45-10:00 am

  • The pandemic and potential triggers for traumatized clients
  • Exploring the cognitive and emotional impact of physical distancing, isolation and uncertainty
  • Exploring the somatic and behavioral impact of physical distancing, isolation and uncertainty

10:00-10:10 am    BREAK

10:10-11:00 am

  • The clinical challenges of tele-mental health and maintaining tele-presence
  • Navigating Zoom fatigue

11:00-11:05 am      BREAK

11:05-12:00 pm

  • Clinical considerations regarding the exploration of clients’ trauma content in an online format: when it makes sense and when it doesn’t
Woman with a face mask in bed looking at her mobile phone
"This training was extremely helpful. I learned some great techniques to make tele-therapy a much more manageable experience for both myself and my clients." Chelsey H., LICSW

"Amazing clarity in the transmission of concepts. Excellent conduct of the topic and integration with the participants." Katherine M., LGPC