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Online Training – Healing Leadership: Become the Supervisor You Always Needed (Fall 2020)

December 3 - December 4 Login to Zoom.com 8:30am ; Training 8:45am-4:00pm $335, 12 CEUs Presenter: Sabrina N’Diaye, PhD, LCSW-C Zoom.com, MD + Google Map

Are you ready to deepen your service to our profession? Do you feel called to lead other clinicians? Are you curious about exploring your own growth edges as a healer, leader, and guide? Join Dr. Sabrina for 2 days of learning, practice, and imperfect progress. Through writing, self-exploration, classroom exercises and case vignettes, you will identify your clinical skills as well as your teaching strengths. This workshop will give you creative opportunities to explore your underdeveloped talents, as well as deepen your listening skills: an essential attribute for being able to provide effective supervision. You will be encouraged to establish yourself as a leader in the mental health field and be given concrete tools to help guide the next generation of helping professionals.  This workshop will give you the confidence and strategies you need to become the supervisor you always needed when you were coming up in the field.  We will more clearly define what supervision is and what it is not. We’ll process ethical dilemmas that can arise when providing supervision and how to best help therapists resolve those issues with their clients.

This material meets requirements that will enable you to be a Board Approved Supervisor for Social Workers.  If you are already a Board approved Supervisor, the workshop will give you the required 3 CEUs you need to maintain your licensure and status with the Board, plus a wealth of additional knowledge to deepen and strengthen your expertise.

Please NOTE:
  • This workshop meets the requirements for Continuing Education for Board Approved Supervisors. It will provide 12 CEU’s toward supervision licensure and include 3 hours of ethics as well.
  • Virginia social workers are eligible to take this course to use toward supervision status if they have a minimum of 2 years’ experience as an LCSW-C.
  • Ethics CEUs will be provided to established supervisors who don’t need all of the CEU’s to count towards supervision.
  • Participants must agree to both days in order to register, as Day 1 is introspective, and Day 2 is application/ethics.
State CEU Requirements for Supervision Status:
  • Maryland Social Workers: 12 CEU’s for new supervisors; 3 CEUs every two years for established supervisors
  • Maryland Professional Counselors: 18 CEU’s – NOTE: This course counts towards 12 of the required 18
  • Virginia Social Workers: 14 CEU’s, 2 of which must be ethics

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Learning Objectives

  1. Understand and explain the key elements of leadership.
  2. Expand your capacity for leading other mental health professionals.
  3. Access and develop specific skills as teachers, visionaries, and healers
  4. Learn to utilize supervision as a tool for mutual growth and development.
  5. Understand and address the ethical dilemmas that may arise in the supervisory relationship.
  6. Share and explore anonymous case studies to enhance learning.
  7. Expand your capacity for service in multiple professional settings.




  • Putting Aside the “professional mask”
  • Physiological impact of soft belly breathing
  • Checking in for self-awareness


  • Three-part drawing exercise: Me, Me and my biggest leadership challenge, Me and that challenge resolved

10:30-10:40  BREAK


  • Exploring Warrior, Visionary, Teacher and Healer


  • Listening Experiential

12:00-1:00   LUNCH


  • Healing Approaches for Leaders
  • Healing Approaches for Teachers
  • Healing Approaches for Visionaries

2:30-2:40    BREAK


  • Healing Approaches for Mental Health Healers
  • Next Day’s Plans
  • Closing Meditation


  • Evaluations




  • Opening Meditation
  • Checking in for self-awareness
  • Processing yesterday’s content


  • What is Supervision?
  • What Supervision is not

10:30-10:40   BREAK


  • Inviting Structure- understanding your approach
  • Processing Ethical Dilemmas

12:00-1:00     LUNCH


  • Processing Vignettes and Case Studies

2:30-2:40      BREAK


  • Marketing/Ideal Supervisee
  • Brainstorming
  • Exploring next steps


  • Evaluations


Man supervising another another professional man