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(NEW) Working with Transitional Energy: Healing Re-triggered Traumatized Parts with Safety, Self-Regulation and Grounding

May 13 Breakfast 8:15am-8:45am   Training 8:45am-4:00pm $169, 6 CEUs Presenter: Vivien B. Deitz, LCSW-C, MSW, BCD, RN Zoom.com, MD + Google Map

“We cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” ~Anonymous

Every transition begins with an ending and ends with a beginning. Between endings and beginnings is an uncomfortable and often fearful period of time that most clients would rather avoid. During any change and transition, the probability of activating old traumas is exceptionally high. The re-emergence of our ‘Protector Parts’ can become activated and/or triggered and the ’Self’ is no longer available or in the driver’s seat. The focus of this training will be to explore and process three specific clinical strategies helpful in stabilizing and regulating clients during the chaos of transitional energy. The integration and utilization of Internal Family Systems techniques, Carl Jung’s Active Imagination and Mind/Body/Spirit Connections will offer a cohesive treatment guideline to help your clients achieve long-term regulation, stabilization, grounding and safety. This innovative, non-medication approach combines some of the most promising researched based clinical strategies.

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Learning Objectives

  • Exploring and identifying Protective Parts activated during transitional stages.
  • Applying Internal Family Systems, Jungian Theory and Mind/body/Spirit.
  • Understanding and Differentiating the concept of ‘Self’ vs ‘Parts’.
  • Differentiating past experiences from present by un-blending Parts from Self.
  • Integrating 3 clinical techniques to increase safety, regulation and grounding.


8:45  – 10:30 am

  • Origins of trauma

10:30 – 10:45 am   BREAK

10:45  – 12:00 pm

  • Protector Parts vs Self

12:00  – 1:00 PM   LUNCH

1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

  • Circle of Life – Jung

2:30  – 2:40 pm   BREAK

2:40  – 4:00 pm

  • Transitional exercise