Heidi Schreiber-Pan, Ph.D. is the clinical director at Chesapeake Mental Health, Maryland, and founder of the newly launched Center for Nature Informed Therapy. Dr. Schreiber-Pan is a licensed professional counselor and board-approved supervisor. Her clinical specialization in the treatment of anxiety disorders, PTSD, OCD, stress reduction, and occupational burnout has made her a sought-after international speaker.

As an affiliate and former Loyola University, Maryland faculty member, her past research has focused on resiliency, psychological well-being, and nature-informed therapy.

Dr. Schreiber-Pan has worked with various organizations, schools, and corporations to reduce stress on a communal level and increase organizational well-being through training in positive psychology and integrating nature into mental health.

She is the author of the successful self-help book: Taming the Anxious Mind. Her new book The Outside Within: Stories of Nature’s Role in Psychological Well-being was in April of 2023.

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