Yehuda has a private practice in Baltimore and facilitates individual therapy and groups for trauma survivors under the auspices of Chana and the Shofar Coalition of Baltimore, where he also serves as the director of professional development and training for 40 clinicians providing therapy services to trauma survivors.

He has worked internationally including in Israel where he was one of the first to develop the use Expressive Therapies as an effective and advanced form of therapy in clinical and educational institutions. He also directed a Drama Therapy and Psychodrama group for former soldiers with PTSD. He provided services for the Israeli Department of Education, working with children and adolescents exposed to domestic violence. In addition to a thriving private practice in Tel Aviv, he formed the first Israeli “Playback Theatre” Troop.

His areas of specialization include: survivors and perpetrators of emotional, sexual and physical abuse, substance abuse, co-dependency, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, dissociation and stress management. He also supervised students and mental health professionals.

He graduated from the Expressive Therapies program at Lesley University where he majored in Psychodrama and Drama Therapy. Yehuda is the creator of “Tikkun Trauma Therapy,” a three-stage treatment approach utilizing Expressive Therapy modalities to facilitate the healing process for trauma survivors.

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