Staying Within the Window of Tolerance: Breath Work and Body-Centered Modalities for Affect Regulation

“This training was superb. The experiential part was priceless, and I have practiced the techniques repeatedly since the training – without ever having to go dig up the (excellent) handouts. Stacey was terrific.. she really knows her stuff and communicated it in wonderfully practical and USEFUL ways that I expect to continue using for many years. THANK YOU!! I will continue to travel to The Ferentz Institute as often as I can afford to do so for the best and most PRACTICAL trainings of any kind I’ve ever had!)
” —Laura Ballard, LCSW, LICSW, LCSW-C

“The class was an excellent mix of education via lecture and via experiential learning. I really enjoyed the opportunity to practice the techniques with other participants in a supportive environment!” -Lauren Drinkwater, LGPC


Individualizing Treatment for Children and Adolescents with Complex Trauma and Dissociation

“This was a very informative training and I learned a lot. I was very happy that I attended this training and hope to attend future trainings with the institute.” —Karen Kochen Silverman, LCSW-C


Effectively Treating Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

“Enjoyed workshop.  Presenter very knowledgeable, especially about OCD treatment of which I knew basically nothing.  Experiential exercise really gave me a “felt sense” of what it is like to have OCD.  Very challenging” —Barbara Roth, LCSW-C

“Facility was convenient and comfortable. Process was organized. Presenter was knowledgeable and helpful. Content was great!” —Jacqueline Trombley, LCSW-C

“She [Susan] was [a] great [facilitator], very informed on the topic.”—Amy Waldron, LCPC

“Susan was incredibly engaging and knowledgeable about anxiety and OCD disorders. I normally dislike group activities but these made sense and were fun!”—Meghan Edwards, LGPC

“Susan was really great. Her information was not new but it did validate that what I’m doing with my anxious clients works. I did learn more about OCD which was great too.” —Carlada Razmus, LCPC

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