“The classes for level two were extremely informative and helpful to me as a therapist. I always left with tools to use with clients. I became more confident in my ability to counsel with the help of this institute.” — Nia Foggy, LPC, LCPC

“Level II was an enriching experience that provided a strong foundation to and added an immense yet digestible and applicable amount of knowledge in which to feel confident and comfortable in stepping foot into private practice as a new LCSW.” — Jennifer Babylon, LMSW

“I honestly don’t have the words to quantify how much I love and appreciate every minute of the Level 1 & 2 Trauma Training Program. The impact on both my personal and professional life have been profound. I wish the experience for every person called to a helping profession. I will always regard Lisa with gratitude for providing this opportunity. ” — Jen Baumgartner, LCSW-C

“Attending Lisa’s Level I and Level II Trauma Trainings has been a truly beautiful experience. My level of insight and practice has grown so much in my time here.” — Kerry McCommons, LCPC

“This program provided more guidance and resources than my graduate school curriculum in terms of clinical competency. What a privilege to witness, reflect on, and explore these new creative trauma-informed modalities with Lisa, Yehuda, Peggy and Dr. Dee. My entire practice has shifted in such an insightful, confident, and organic way and I am extremely grateful! Greatest program I have ever attended from a clinical perspective. “— Katie O’Mailey,  LGSW

“Advanced Trauma Training was an amazing experiential and educational experience that advanced my skills, knowledge and support for doing the work I love.” — Melynda Klausner, LGPC

“Getting to utilize and incorporate various expressive therapies in practice has allowed me to better meet the needs of all clients I see, but to especially address the unique needs of the adolescent. Thank you, Lisa, for your passion and mission of equipping all providers with the knowledge and means to address trauma from a safe, strengths-based approach.” —Wren Skidmore, LCSW-C

“This program incorporates all of the contemporary and recent knowledge the field has gained in trauma-informed therapy treatment and gives therapists concrete tools and strategies to use with their clients. Lisa and her faculty provide warmth, support and encouragement all throughout the course.” — Ann Smith, LCSW-C

“It was great to get a spectrum of approaches and the encouragement to synthesize them in our own way.”— Gabriella King, LGPC

“I feel more alive in my practice that I ever have. Digging in and learning has been rejuvenating. Feeling like I am aware of the latest trauma research has made me look at my practice with “new eyes.” I can’t imagine working with eating disordered clients without what I have learned,”— Kath Haerian, LCSW-C

“Lisa “holds a space” for her students in a way that is restorative, empowering, comforting, and grounding. I highly valued all of my time in Level I and Level II with Lisa and her faculty. If you live within driving distance of an event provided by Lisa- make the time to attend! Soul altering work!”— Susan Stork, LCPC

“The Level II expressive trainings have opened my ability, my knowledge, and my comfort level in using these strategies in session. The trainings also shine a light on areas I’d like to explore more in-depth. Thanks for a wonderful experience!”— Elizabeth Cush, LCPC

“The Ferentz Institute Level I and II has changed the way I practice. These experiences have provided me with effective strategies to assist clients in moving through their trauma experiences safely.”— Lisa Bartlett-Kliever, LCSW-C

“This program has completely changed the way I approach therapy and it shows in the improvements I am observing in my lives of my clients! Thank you!”— Barbie Glenn, LCPC, NCC

“Most of the presenters were amazing. I learned a lot from the experiential techniques.” — Joel Lightfoot, LCSW-C

“Going through the Level I and II trauma training has given me a wide array of skills to use in clinical practice that all stem from a strengths-based model. The trainings have not only helped me learn to guide clients to access their wisest and most compassionate self, but has also helped me to further access my wisest self to improve my work as a clinician.”— Molly Rhodes, LGSW

“The Expressive Modalities Program provides a quality connection of didactic information with sensory experience, for a more complete understanding of beneficial client treatment concepts.”— Bruce Snyder, Pastoral Crisis Counselor

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