There Was a Rabbi, A Priest and a Therapist…

“I absolutely loved this training. How to illicit hope, how and when to use spirituality as a vehicle for change and the difficulties and possibilities therein. The training was more of a conversation then a lecture, I am still thinking about this days after the training and have followed up on some reading suggestions that have also been inspiring. Thank you!” —Elizabeth Berman, CSC-AD

“I was moved by the dialogue, and I now have a better understanding of the benefits of balancing spirituality and psycho-therapy. The therapist [Lisa] was awesome and one could get sense as to why she is so sought after. The feedback from the Rabbi [Goldberger] and the Priest [Father Ray] offered for me a unique look into the both perspectives and how each saw how the inclusion of spiritually can help ones clients achieve post recovery.” —Brian Shird, MS, LBSW

“This was a wonderful workshop that engendered a meaningful conversation on spirituality and psychotherapy, and the role of both in post traumatic growth. The facilitators were very engaging and knowledgeable.” —Danielle Deckard, LCSW-C

“This was an awesome workshop that gave me the very unique opportunity to learn from the wisdom of a seasoned Rabbi, Priest and therapist. I left the workshop better equipped and more inspired to help my clients.” —Michael Schlein, LCPC

Working with Dreams: Tapping into an Inner Wisdom

“Great information with experiential exercises. I really enjoyed connecting with the other participants.”—Jessica LeTourneau, LCPC

“I believe the most positive take away from the workshop was the opportunity to interact with other participants. I do believe the workshop was well-planned and facilitated.” —Joseph Rollo, LCSW-C

“The presenter had a good grasp of the material and was exceptionally well prepared.” —Edward Diamond, Registered Psychology Associate

“The Working With Dreams workshop was interesting and informative.  Vivienne, our instructor, used experiential exercises to engage our group and illustrate how to use her techniques.  I can’t wait to try her methods out with my clients.” —Laura Ashley, LCSW-C

“This course was highly interactive and engaging. It was a true, in-person, demonstration of how dream work can be a useful took in therapy.” —Jess Maier, LCPC

“Very powerful and experiential workshop!  We were constantly engaged in experiential learning, even while taking in theory. Awesome!” —Ilene Gallner-Toller, LCSW-C


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