Dr. Daniel Lerner, founder of Strategic Family Solution, LLC serves as an adviser and confidant for numerous high profile and affluent individuals whose family relationships, wealth, and businesses are threatened by issues such as affluenza, intergenerational friction, antagonistic divorces, sibling rivalry and addiction. His ability to quickly earn the trust of his clients and provide decisive solutions is vital in guiding them towards greater prosperity and peace of mind.

Dr. Lerner, a trusted expert on family dynamics and anxiety, has appeared on Network News, in the American Psychologist, the Daily Record, and the Baltimore Sun. A powerful communicator and unforgettable public speaker, Dr. Lerner has made presentations throughout North America and overseas. He has served as a guest lecturer at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the Law Schools of the University of Maryland and University of Baltimore, and Sheppard Pratt Medical Center in Towson, MD.

Dr. Lerner’s interests are quite eclectic. In his pre-doctoral days, he did stand-up comedy at The Improv (Los Angeles, CA), Laugh Factory (Hollywood, CA), & Laff Stop (Newport Beach, CA) and was a drummer for several local bands. He recently completed a 46 mile bike-ride for a local Baltimore charity. Dr. Lerner is also the creator of “nCourage” – a mobile app designed to help people suffering from anxiety and panic.

Dr. Lerner holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, a Master of Arts in Psychology, and a Master of Science in Education from John Hopkins University.

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