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Level I Trauma Certificate Program

Fall 2024 • In-Person

The Ferentz Institute offers Level I twice yearly:

September-December (Fall Series) and March-June (Spring Series).

Classes will take place this Fall 2024, live and in-person.

- Registration and breakfast are open at 8:15 am (ET).

- Classes are held from 8:45 am (ET) through 4:15 pm (ET).

Fall 2024 Level I Schedule

Click on each date to uncover the course content.

*Tuesday, November 19 will cover: The Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological Treatment of Anxiety and Depression

**Thursday, December 19 will also include: Ethics, Reporting, Deviations in the Standard Care and Termination (3 Ethics CEUs)

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You must participate in all nine classes to receive your final certificate at the end of the semester.

You must also pass a final, open-book multiple-choice exam given to ALL participants the week between the 8th and 9th classes.

Program Cost

The cost for the entire training is $2,500.00, which includes a $40 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT to secure your spot. A minimum of $40 must be paid upon registration. The balance due will be automatically debited from your credit card in three installments on the following dates:

- Friday, August 23, 2024 – $820

- Monday, October 21, 2024– $820

- Monday, November 25, 2024 – $820

PLEASE NOTE: If you register after Friday, August 23, 2024, you must make a minimum payment of $860, which is equal to your $40 deposit and the first $820 installment.

Individuals signing up for the training must pay by credit card. The three installment payments will then be automatically debited from your card on the dates listed above. If you intend to use a different credit card for any of the installments, you must contact us prior to the payment date.

DISCOVER EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS: Inquire about our special rates designed for agencies enrolling four or more participants. Plus, we’re proud to honor those who serve in the military with additional reduced rates. Don’t miss out on these special opportunities!

Agencies that register staff may:

- Register as a Group (see instructions on the registration form)

- Pay by credit card or check made payable to The Ferentz Institute

- Pay in full at registration or by the first class or by the three installment dates listed above

For agencies that split the tuition with their staff, the agency is ultimately responsible for all registrant balances not paid in full by the third installment date.

Learning Opportunities

Clinical social workers and other mental health professionals will gain an in-depth understanding of the myriad dynamics related to trauma and its reverberating effect on clients’ cognitions, affect, social functioning, and behavioral choices. The philosophical underpinning of the program is a depathologized, strengths-based approach to the assessment and treatment of adolescent and adult survivors of trauma, abuse, and neglect.

Symptoms will be reframed as inevitable, creative coping strategies that “make sense” when put into the historical context of trauma or a dysfunctional family of origin. Practitioners will learn many creative, effective, and empathic ways to help clients reclaim a sense of healthy empowerment, achieve a much higher level of functioning, and integrate the resources necessary for genuine healing.

Additionally, practitioners will explore issues of counter-transference and vicarious traumatization and will learn how to engage in self-care, enhance boundaries, and work in ways that improve efficacy and reduce professional burnout.


Participants will learn on both didactic and experiential levels. PowerPoint slides, handouts, role plays, videotapes, experiential art and writing exercises, Q and A sessions, case presentations, interactive discussions, processing written work, and small group work will all be incorporated into the program, thus accommodating a variety of learning styles.

CEUs, Requirements, and Registration

The certificate program is comprised of 54 Category 1 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). This also includes three credit hours in Ethics, which can be used to meet the mandatory requirement in Ethics training.

This program has been approved by the Board of Social Work Examiners, the Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists, and the Board of Examiners for Psychologists in Maryland. Reciprocal approval is also granted to all mental health professionals in Washington D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan and Texas.

Participants who work in states other than those noted above will receive a Certificate of Attendance unless they can corroborate that their state board will offer reciprocity as well.

Participants must have an MSW, or a comparable clinical degree, or currently be enrolled in graduate school, pursuing a clinical degree. The program is also open to professionals who interface with traumatized clients, including victim advocates, clergy, and police officers.

All handouts will be emailed to participants several days before each class and will not be available on-site. You are welcome to print them out yourself to bring with you or rely on the projected handouts during class. You are also invited to bring a fully-charged laptop or tablet to use during class if you wish. Outlets for chargers will not be available. So you may want to consider bringing a portable charger with you as well.

Cancelation Policy

Participants who wish to withdraw from the Level I training must notify The Ferentz Institute in writing via email or U.S. Postal Service.

Participants who withdraw from the program prior to the date of an installment payment (see Program Cost) you will not be charged that payment or any subsequent payments.

Installment payments will not be refunded after they are charged to a participant.  If a participant needs to drop out of the program at any time after it begins, he or she can use the payment, or payments, towards future attendance in the Level I or II program and will be guaranteed a seat. The participant will then be obligated to pay any outstanding installment payments not paid during the session from which he or she originally withdrew.

In order to receive the Certificate in Advanced Trauma Treatment:

- ALL participants are required to pass an open book, untimed, multiple-choice exam that is administered online.

- Participants must attend all nine classes on the indicated training dates.

- Missed classes can be made up by watching a previously recorded session and successfully completing a related quiz. If you choose this option, you will receive Category 2 CEUs. You must make up any missed classes no later than December 28. Please note that certificates will only be issued upon completing all nine classes.

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What people are saying about Level I:

Kathleen Killeen

Wonderful wonderful thanks able to use many things with clients learning in class.

Kathleen Killeen

Wonderful wonderful thanks able to use many things with clients learning in class.

Sara Bounds

When I learned that my agency was going to sponsor me to take the Trauma Certificate, Level I Course, I was ecstatic. I was eager to learn as much as I could from Lisa's expertise, and she absolutely delivered. I have already used several of the recommended clinical tools; clients have been very receptive, even surprised, by how helpful they found the method(s) to be. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn invaluable clinical knowledge and skills!

Jenn Ungham

Trauma 1 Program was beyond beneficial as the core of my patients have been affected by trauma and not only did this program validate what I am already doing but also provided me with a wealth of knowledge to take my sessions to the next level and help my patients process through their trauma in a safe and effective way.

Caitlin Tromiczak

This training brought me invaluable information on how trauma is experienced and taught me new treatment options that allow me to respond to my clients, and teach my staff, accordingly. The fact that this was done in such a caring, humorous, and insightful manner serve to enhance my learning experience.

Chaim Wolfish

This program is an absolute must for any clinician who is serious about providing the best therapeutic care to all clients.

Shannon Wilson-Murray

This was the most non-triggering, emotionally safe and supportive training on trauma I've ever experienced. Given the nature of this important content, the way the material was presented was truly masterful and informative.

Angel Harp Witherspoon

This was the most informative and interactive training that I have ever attended. I would recommend this training to anyone.

Lyndsay Soeder

This was one of the best trainings I've ever taken and certainly the most informative. Lisa does an excellent job presenting the material in a way that is really interesting and applicable to a wide array of clinical settings. Anyone working in the mental health field should take this training. Most importantly, Lisa really did a wonderful job of making sure that we as clinicians felt taken care of and appreciated. I truly felt like I mattered.

Shelby Mitchem

This was hands down the best and most useful training I have ever done. In my almost 10 years as a therapist, I have never felt more confident in my clinical skills than I do now. Thank you, Lisa, for your infinite wisdom!

Kara Smith

This was by far the best training I have attended. I learned that I was actually doing a lot correctly, but also learned a lot of things I could be doing. I look forward to Level II!

Elizabeth Holtz

This is the first training I completed that I genuinely looked forward to attending because I recognized the impact it had in my clinical work.

Jennifer Thocher

This training was worth the investment. It increased my confidence as well as my competence and my ability to both maintain and model healthy boundaries and work-life balance. Lisa is a very inspiring mentor.

Crystel Britto

This training was invaluable. I was able to use this knowledge and the techniques to help almost every single client I serve.

Claire Bernstein

This training was a very thorough and effective look at trauma treatment. Lisa's intentionality and creativity made this training very valuable. I am leaving with many useful strategies, skills, and language to utilize with my clients. I felt challenged through this program to reflect on my clinical practice!

Lisa Zimmerman

This training was a game-changer for me. The strength-based approach Lisa takes has transformed the way I see my clients and the range of practical tools we were given has revitalized my work with them.

Allyson Wozniak

This training transferred well to an online platform. Lisa did a great job keeping everyone active and keeping the training lively and engaging.

Dawn Gomez

This training provided so much quality information. All of it was immediately useful with my caseload. This was so beneficial!

Molly Jakubek

This training is amazing and provides a thorough foundation to work with clients with trauma. Everything learned helped my growth as a clinician.

Nancy Simard

This training has truly changed my practice in the way I view both the students and my colleagues in my school. I have completely redesigned the school counselor office lighting to create a warmer more welcoming environment. I look at my most difficult students through a different lens, often picturing them as babies in the trauma he must've endured. I am a patient, more attentive and excited to use the myriad of strategies thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Julia Caruana

This training has made me realize who I am as a therapist! I have learned so much and I see a huge difference in how I work with my clients. Thank you!

Linda Beck

This training has been a priceless investment which I believe will change my practice for many years to come.

Royshonda Boulden
Victim Advocate

This training gave me new insight as an advocate and really put things in a new light.

Susan B. Blair

This training equipped me with a greater understanding of trauma informed treatment. I feel more confidant in my practice dealing with issues of trauma and more energized to continue to increase my knowledge and efficacy.

Karina Aponte

This training allowed me to transform the way I work with clients. I feel much more confident and competent in my work thanks to Lisa's help in expanding my knowledge.

Kamilah Smiley

This program was extraordinary. Lisa is phenomenal. I learned a lot that will help me be a better clinician while normalizing and embracing care for myself.

Sarah Vayda

This program should be a part of every clinician's repertoire. The compassion and knowledge Lisa has is invaluable and I am confident I am a better clinician because of this training and the investment in myself and clients.

Rachel Herring

This program is worth every last cent. Prior to the training, I was apprehensive about the financial investment. It was so worth it. The program boosted my confidence in working with trauma survivors. The information that I have passed on to clients in the form of psychoeducation has left them feeling empowered. I loved the on-line format. It makes it a lot more accessible and no rush hour driving!

Amy Searcey

This program reinforced and strengthened my confidence and skills. I have noticed clinically significant results in my clients through implementing the tools provided in this training.

Shannon Haley

This program provides the essential necessary for effective practice. I've been a licensed social worker for 17 years and this program was more beneficial than any graduate class or training I have ever taken. Thank you, Lisa!

Karen Ross Taylor

This program is an extraordinary interpretation of several therapeutic modalities and an interesting and heartfelt alternative to the manualized, mechanical CEU offerings elsewhere.

Natalie O'Neil

This program is an incredibly wise investment for anyone who is interested in becoming more trauma informed. The information is priceless, digestible, comprehensive, and delivered in an engaging way. I cannot endorse Lisa and the Institute enough- it is worth your time to enhance your skills.

Jessica Schuhly

This program helped me grow so much, not just as a clinician, but also as an individual.

Tim Sebian-Lander

This program has profoundly changed the way in which I see trauma and interact with clients who are still living with and coping with trauma. Honestly, I feel like I have grown as a therapist and I know that patients I see, now and in the future, will benefit from the work I did in this training. I strongly recommend it to all professionals! Thank you, Lisa!

Shanez Jenkins

This program has helped me to become a more competent and confident clinician. I have begun using the skills and interventions from this program with current clients, and the shift in my practice and the progress of my clients has been amazing to witness. I recommend this program to every clinician who wants to develop or strengthen skills and knowledge of trauma informed care.

Robert Bangert

This program has completely transformed my clinical practice. Using the skills and knowledge I gained through this program has benefited my clients, and makes me a more confident, competent clinician. I recommend this program to all of my colleagues!

Jami Margolis

This program gave me, as a seasoned clinician, so much insight about how to be trauma informed in every aspect of treatment: intake environment, parts work, and termination. Thank you!

David Facenda

This program brought me back to all the good things I felt while in grad school: lots of new knowledge, useful skills, and a safe and comfortable learning experience.

Stephanie Trisi

This program boosted my confidence and confidence as a therapist a TON. The information is so well organized and presented. Lisa is inspiring, motivating, and grounding all at once.

Annette Schlossnagle

This is the stuff I wish we had in college! Lisa is an excellent teacher! Taking this course is something I have dreamed of since I first heard Lisa teach at another training. Every class I went away with immediately applicable teaching and resources. I immediately felt more confident and comfortable in my practice.

Kit MacFarlane

This is the best class I have ever attended (and I have two Master's degrees) and Lisa is the most organized, most compassionate, most detailed oriented and the most aware of the process than I have ever encountered. She is very well grounded and rounded in all her presentations.

Janet Glover Kirkvliet

This is an awesome training with all the qualities and more of a very excellent postdoctoral course! Lisa is a wonderful, generous mentor, lecturer, teacher and clinician.

Betsy Nichols

This has been, by far, the most useful and high quality training I have ever attended! I recommend this to any mental health professional and really anyone in a helping/health profession.

Torri Mills

This has been the most beneficial training that I have attended. I knew nothing about Lisa Ferentz before registering, but this training has exceeded my expectations and I have encouraged co-workers to participate. I came away with a wealth of information and knowledge and started incorporating what I learned in my sessions. I have also been able to inform family members, school teachers, and partners what to expect from one who has experienced trauma. Can't wait to take Level II!

Susan Goldberg

This course was incredibly impactful on my practice and for my clients. Thank you for being so amazing!

Tracy Wallace

This course gave me the knowledge, skills, and confidence to treat clients with trauma. I would 100% recommend it! It's the course I wish I had in graduate school!

Stephanie Marinelli

There's no way you can leave a class you taught, Lisa, without learning new strategies and examples of how to encourage others.

Janniece Phillips

There are so many aspects of this training that will benefit your work as a clinician or if you are developing a program to serve survivors. This knowledge is imperative to the success and healing of trauma survivors.

Judy Cohen

The Trauma Certificate program was extremely valuable and has contributed immensely to my work with clients. It has been the best investment I have made in regards to my clinical practice.

Carrie Schurtz

The Trauma Level I course increased both my confidence and competence as a clinician. The online learning format afforded convenience without sacrificing the quality of this dynamic course. The resources and connection with other clinicians through the online format have proven to be incredibly helpful in my day to day practice.

Grace Wright

The trauma certificate Level I program led by Lisa is transformational. Lisa's expertise and experience is woven into the curriculum in a way that is engaging and fascinating. This program offers practitioners concrete skills and knowledge that expand clinical work with clients tremendously. Thank you!

Angela Wharton

The training was absolutely wonderful! I learned lots of valuable information that I could use both in my daytime job and my non-profit.

Michele Lantz

The training has been incredible. I feel more competent and confident in my work with my clients because of this training and because of Lisa's ability to teach the material in such an effective manner.

Erin Wical

The program was extremely helpful and has taught me so much about trauma informed care within the mental health field. I would highly recommend this training, it is worth every penny!

Laura Malone

The program was incredibly informative. The way Lisa structured and presented the information was great!

Wendy Velazco-Weiss

Thank you for teaching me how to be a better trauma informed therapist. I have learned valuable techniques and ideas on how to approach the traumatic events that my clients experience. I enjoyed that classes were interactive, and that Lisa was willing to share her successes as well as challenges with clients.

Dorothy Adamson Holley

The Level I Trauma Certification Program has totally transformed my practice! The conceptual framework and immediately-applicable clinical tools gave me the confidence to work with any client who has experienced trauma. Lisa and her team are phenomenal!

Caroline Hinkley
Victim Advocate

The Level I training was easily the most valuable training I've ever had. Not only was it professionally helpful, but personally. This class was so emotionally refreshing. I feel as if I have a bright new outlook on my profession and I am eternally grateful.

Nicholas Harmer

The Level 1 training was invaluable to my journey of providing trauma informed therapy and doing deeper work with clients. I recommend new and older clinicians to invest in this program to inform, and to re-spark passion for the very important and sensitive work that we do.

Renee Drehmer

The entire program was interesting and thought-provoking. It is change the way I work with all my clients no matter what issues they present with. I wish a class of this nature had been part of my graduate program back in the day. Lisa presented the material same fashion she encourages us with clients. I plan to take Level II.

Naomi Taffet

Thank you, Lisa, and everyone at the Ferentz Institute, for putting together such an amazing program. I am a better clinician for attending each class. She is a gift on so many levels to those of us in the field. I gained a greater knowledge base as a result I now have new colleagues and new tools to continue learning, growing, and have a renewed passion for what we do.

Carmen Cecilia Alvarez Diaz

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! Amazing training!

Krista Dhruv

She's [Lisa's] such a wonderful teacher AND a seasoned clinician- it's hard to get both in one person!

LaTisha Diggs

Powerful training full of knowledge, caring, and compassion.

Erica Vohaska

Perspective changing- trauma informed- life changing!

Katherine Cashin

Lisa's trauma training has brought me to a new level as a clinician. This should be required education for anyone in the clinical care or educational setting. The knowledge and resources gained through this course are invaluable.

Timothy Nowicki

Lisa's trauma curriculum should be a requirement for all aspiring clinicians.

Katina Callan

Lisa's trainings validate a lot of the work that we do and provides new formulations, techniques, and a level of confidence to apply these techniques. What a powerful experience.

Miriam Blau

Lisa's style of teaching and material were so enlightening. I feel much more prepared to work with client's than I did before the course. I highly recommend the training.

Jessica Palmen

Lisa's training has been one of the most meaningful experiences in my career. Lisa is engaging and makes material easy to process. She is warm, validating, direct and clear. I left each session feeling more resourced, with concrete interventions and a new appreciation for my role as a therapist as well as for my clients.

Jessica Dent

Lisa's program is an invaluable resource. I ended every class eager to implement the new tools she shared. It was amazing to see the responses from my clients. I have not been able to stop talking with my colleagues about the program. Truly, everyone should attend Lisa's program!

Donna Tish

Lisa's personality and presentation skills added entertainment and engagement for participants. The experience was well worth the investment of time and money.

Diana Harden

Lisa's care and attention to our development as trauma informed clinicians is unmatchable. Her knowledge and ability to offer so many variations has been so helpful in my growth and in my work with a wide range of clients. I appreciated her ability to recognize the need for clinician self care and being a huge advocate for that important part of the work that can often go unattended to. I only wish I had taken this training sooner in my career but so grateful for the current opportunity!

Amy Sherbin

Lisa is an authentic, passionate, and highly gifted trauma informed therapist and educator! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

Emma Pyle

Lisa is an amazing educator. I am thrilled to be able to apply all of the knowledge acquired in this program to better help my clients.

Laura Wanderling

Lisa is amazing. She has a wealth of knowledge that is incredibly useful to working in the field of mental health. She is incredibly generous and thoughtful in her treatment of the professionals who take her program. I've gained a lot of confidence going forth to share my knowledge with clients who have endured trauma. I strongly recommend discrete training to anyone in the mental health profession. You won't regret it!

Eileen Thompson

Lisa is a presenter who embodies competence and warmth and grace!. The workshop itself taught me new and wonderful ways to navigate clients through trauma with dignity and a wonderfully varied choice of modalities! Lisa's use of her personal journey with trauma patients was a wonderful and captivating way to learn.

Myra Kaplan

Lisa is amazing at taking theoretical and evidence-based research and translating it into easy to use, practical interventions and approaches with clients.  This training has definitely made me a better trauma-informed clinician.

Jordan Klebanow

Lisa is a wonderful instructor and her course will mark a turning point in your practice.

Gavriel Horan

Lisa is a breath of fresh air. She exudes compassion and understanding, She is the model of the perfect therapist.

Stephanie Crockett

Lisa Ferentz's program in Advanced Trauma Treatment level I is the must-have for every clinician, no matter their population or therapeutic approach. Not only can this training help inform your work with trauma clients, it can provide another layer of therapeutic empathy that can be applied to all clients, and modalities that can be used with any client.

Teresa Doniger

Lisa Ferentz's Level I trauma training program is a gift for the clinician as well as their clients. Trauma informed care, I am learning, invites the therapist to use their whole self - mind, body, soul, spirit, and heart - to accompany clients on their journeys of healing.

MacKenzie Fleming

Lisa Ferentz is very knowledgeable and a great teacher and presenter. She was very warm and welcoming. The class itself was very informational and very organized. I recommend this class to every clinician. Thanks Lisa!

Nia Foggy

Lisa Ferentz is amazing! Because of her dedication to mental health, compassion for clients, and experience, I am more confident in myself as a therapist. I have been able to apply all techniques and tools to my practice.

Kristina Worton

Lisa did an incredible job of making the training feel as close to an in-person training as possible. I loved the online chat. This certificate was the best investment I have made in my professional career. Thank you!

Maria Tolbert

Lisa embodies the social work value of lifelong learning. She's an amazing teacher and is also incredibly willing to learn from others in the room.

Rebecca Gibson

Lisa creates such an open environment for learning. Whether you are a new or experienced clinician, the level one trauma certificate training, has something valuable for you to bring to your clinical work.

Julia Caruana

It's hard to explain what an impact Lisa's training has had not only in how I see myself as a therapist but how much more equipped I am to help my clients. I have already seen a tremendous change in the work I do with my clients. It will change the way you see/do therapy. I can't recommend it highly enough!

Kathleen Traversari

Invaluable program; by the 2nd class you can bring your clients interventions that will make profound differences in their therapeutic journey and by the end you feel confident and competent to treat clients with trauma.

Danielle Crystal

Invaluable investment in myself and career. I learned what I wish I had in school and feel that I am a better clinician for attending.

Charise Peddicord

If you're fortunate enough to attend this training I highly recommend doing so. The financial and time commitment pales in comparison to the value of experiences and knowledge gained throughout this program. It really was wonderful and I feel like it provided opportunity for both professional and personal growth.

Lisa Zimmerman

I've done numerous advanced trainings but this one was head and shoulders above the rest. Lisa's passion and non-pathologizing stance transformed the way I view my clients and inspired me to more creative in my work.

Katherine Todd

I really enjoyed the material, interaction, and overall experience. I felt that I learned more in that class than I did in graduate school! The information was so rich and exciting to learn!

Traci Brautigan

I loved the training. Very informative.

Katy Kropff

I learned so much in this program. Lisa is so knowledgeable and understanding. There is so much time to connect with other clinicians and share different techniques.

Lisa Sloyer

I have worked in the field for 20 years and I am still leaving this program with improved knowledge. This program reminded me that I will forever be a student and that ongoing learning is an ethical responsibility that I have to my clients. Excellent program- highly recommend.

Michael Lockman

I highly recommend this program to any therapist who wishes to take their professional game to the next level.

Catherine Peterson

I have grown as a therapist over the last nine sessions and I believe my growth allows me to see and access the strengths and resiliency in my clients in a new and different way.

Teresa Doniger

I have been eager to strengthen my knowledge base and skill level in trauma informed care. My clients and I will benefit from the hands on approach that Lisa shares with care and attention for all of her program participants. I am now much more aware of the importance of both mind (brain) and body when it comes to the impact and significance of trauma histories and clients' current level of functioning and satisfaction with life.

Melissa Brown

I had the privilege of witnessing one of my clients become fully integrated recently thanks to Lisa's DID trainings. My client reports feeling strong and calm for the first time in over fifty years. Lisa's classes were absolutely instrumental in allowing me to feel competent enough to work with this client and my other DID clients.

Nancy J. Frank

I found that the online format was an excellent way to attend the program, no stress, no travel, great timing of information and breaks. I felt that it worked wonderfully. Thank you so much for your knowledge, your insights, your delivery and your absolute Unconditional Positive Regard!!

Level II Trauma Certificate Program

Spring 2025 • In-Person

*Dates and registration links for the Spring 2025 semester will be posted in November 2024.*

The Ferentz Institute offers Level II annually during the spring semester:

Classes take place live and in-person at the Hilton Garden Inn located in Owings Mills, Maryland

- Registration and breakfast are open at 8:15 am (ET).

- Classes are held from 8:45 am (ET) through 4:15 pm (ET).

The training is live and in-person. Class recordings will not be offered in lieu of the in-person class.

A Level II certificate is offered to clinicians who graduate from the Level I Certificate Program in Advanced Trauma Treatment or to clinicians who demonstrate expertise in the field of trauma. The program is a total of nine full-day trainings spread over the four-month semester. Classes emphasize “parts work,” inspired by clinicians including Richard Schwartz and John Bradshaw. The foundation for a more creative approach to treating clients and their “symptoms” are infused with modalities including movement, psychodrama, music, art, clay, collage, focusing and guided imagery. The final class allows participants to present challenging cases and receive feedback from the entire expressive arts faculty. The program allows practitioners to deepen their understanding of trauma and apply advanced treatment strategies rooted in creative and expressive therapies to their work with clients.

The following classes constitute Level II:

Using Parts Work to Overcome Resistance, Calm the Inner Critic, and Help Trauma Survivors Self-Actualize - Classes 1 & 2
2 Classes – 12 CEUs
Lisa Ferentz

A Three-Stage Approach to Incorporating Expressive and Creative Therapies - Classes 3 & 4
2 Classes – 12 CEUs
: Yehuda Bergman

Moving Beyond “Healing:” Inviting All of Ourselves into Embodiment - Classes 5 & 6

2 Classes – 12 CEUs
Presenter: Jill Penaloza

Clay and Collage With Parts Work - Class 7
6 CEUs
: Peggy Kolodny

Using Visualization, Focusing and Guided Imagery for the Management of Anxiety, Depression and Flashbacks - Class 8
6 CEUs
: Lisa Ferentz

Clinical Case Consultation and Integration: Processing Complex Trauma Scenarios in Clinical Practice - Class 9
6 CEUs
: Lisa Ferentz and the Level II faculty

What people are saying about Level II:

Katie O'Mailey

This program [Level II Advanced Treatment in Trauma Certificate] provided more guidance and resources than my graduate school curriculum in terms of clinical competency. What a privilege to witness, reflect on, and explore these new creative trauma-informed modalities with Lisa, Yehuda, Peggy and Dr. Dee. My entire practice has shifted in such an insightful, confident, and organic way and I am extremely grateful! Greatest program I have ever attended from a clinical perspective.

Katie O'Mailey

This program [Level II Advanced Treatment in Trauma Certificate] provided more guidance and resources than my graduate school curriculum in terms of clinical competency. What a privilege to witness, reflect on, and explore these new creative trauma-informed modalities with Lisa, Yehuda, Peggy and Dr. Dee. My entire practice has shifted in such an insightful, confident, and organic way and I am extremely grateful! Greatest program I have ever attended from a clinical perspective.

Ann Smith

This program incorporates all of the contemporary and recent knowledge the field has gained in trauma-informed therapy treatment and gives therapists concrete tools and strategies to use with their clients. Lisa and her faculty provide warmth, support and encouragement all throughout the course.

Elizabeth Cush

The Level II expressive trainings have opened my ability, my knowledge, and my comfort level in using these strategies in session. The trainings also shine a light on areas I'd like to explore more in-depth. Thanks for a wonderful experience!

Lisa Bartlett-Kliever

The Ferentz Institute Level I and II has changed the way I practice. These experiences have provided me with effective strategies to assist clients in moving through their trauma experiences safely.

Bruce Snyder
Pastoral Crisis Counselor

The Expressive Modalities Program provides a quality connection of didactic information with sensory experience, for a more complete understanding of beneficial client treatment concepts.

Nia Foggy

The classes for level two were extremely informative and helpful to me as a therapist. I always left with tools to use with clients. I became more confident in my ability to counsel with the help of this institute.

Joel Lightfoot

Most of the presenters were amazing. I learned a lot from the experiential techniques.

Susan Stork

Lisa “holds a space” for her students in a way that is restorative, empowering, comforting, and grounding. I highly valued all of my time in Level I and Level II with Lisa and her faculty. If you live within driving distance of an event provided by Lisa- make the time to attend! Soul altering work!

Jennifer Babylon

Level II was an enriching experience that provided a strong foundation to and added an immense yet digestible and applicable amount of knowledge in which to feel confident and comfortable in stepping foot into private practice as a new LCSW.

Gabriella King

It was great to get a spectrum of approaches and the encouragement to synthesize them in our own way.

Jen Baumgartner

I honestly don't have the words to quantify how much I love and appreciate every minute of the Level 1 & 2 Trauma Training Program. The impact on both my personal and professional life have been profound. I wish the experience for every person called to a helping profession. I will always regard Lisa with gratitude for providing this opportunity.

Kath Haerian

I feel more alive in my practice that I ever have. Digging in and learning has been rejuvenating. Feeling like I am aware of the latest trauma research has made me look at my practice with “new eyes.” I can't imagine working with eating disordered clients without what I have learned.

Molly Rhodes

Going through the Level I and II trauma training has given me a wide array of skills to use in clinical practice that all stem from a strengths-based model. The trainings have not only helped me learn to guide clients to access their wisest and most compassionate self, but has also helped me to further access my wisest self to improve my work as a clinician.

Wren Skidmore

Getting to utilize and incorporate various expressive therapies in practice has allowed me to better meet the needs of all clients I see, but to especially address the unique needs of the adolescent. Thank you, Lisa, for your passion and mission of equipping all providers with the knowledge and means to address trauma from a safe, strengths-based approach.

Kerry McCommons

Attending Lisa's Level I and Level II Trauma Trainings has been a truly beautiful experience. My level of insight and practice has grown so much in my time here.

Melynda Klausner

Advanced Trauma Training was an amazing experiential and educational experience that advanced my skills, knowledge and support for doing the work I love.