Our mission is to provide Social Workers and other mental health professionals with state-of-the-art continuing education encompassing a variety of clinical issues, client populations, and practice settings. We believe effective learning occurs in a professional, nurturing, supportive, and fun environment that fosters collegial sharing and networking.

Our trainings encourage clinicians to reframe and depathologize symptoms, while focusing on clients’ resiliency and strengths. We believe that clinicians are only as effective as the extent to which they take care of themselves, so we also address issues of counter-transference, vicarious traumatization, and professional burnout.

Our faculty is comprised of talented, seasoned clinicians and educators who are dynamic, articulate, and passionate about their work. They are committed to enhancing clinician efficacy, and are sensitive to the challenges that face Social Workers as they grapple with complex client issues.

Why Choose Us?

“Personable, organized, professional, and entertaining.”

“Infused with infectious warmth, compassion, and optimism.”

“Single best training I have done since graduate school”

Participants at The Ferentz Institute speak to the transformative impact of our trainings, and delight in our nurturing, supportive, and fun learning environment. We’ve established and continue to grow a unique educational process that’s both well balanced and multidimensional.

Working with nationally admired faculty, you will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will help you advance as a clinician. At the same time, you will have a warm and engaging, participatory experience that promotes creativity, sharing, and networking.

The Ferentz Institute provides trainings at tiered levels of certification and workshops on an array of compelling topics. But we offer much more than CEU credits. We go to the very core of challenges you face personally in a demanding profession. Here, you are encouraged to balance helping others with helping yourself. Appropriate boundary setting, positive self-talk, and self-care permeate much of the learning.

You’re invited to fully explore our new website for details about our eclectic mix of trainings and workshops, faculty, and professional resources. We look forward to you joining us on a journey towards growth and enrichment both professionally and personally.