How to creatively increase self-forgiveness, self-compassion, and healing.

Written by Lisa Ferentz, LCSAW-C, DAPA.

Guilt is usually about something that a client has or has not said or done – either a behavioral choice or harsh words that were expressed that are now accompanied by regret. Shame, on the other hand, flows from the client’s misguided belief that they are fundamentally flawed or damaged. The truth is most trauma survivors grapple with varying degrees of guilt and shame, and until these powerful and debilitating emotions have been identified and addressed, it is hard for clients to achieve the level of healing they deserve and need.

When clients find themselves stuck in these toxic emotions, the good news is they don’t have to remain stuck: they have options and choices! This eBook serves as a clinical framework so therapists can compassionately assist their clients in understanding the root causes of guilt and shame. In addition to suggestions for psychoeducation, this material also provides creative strategies that incorporate the therapeutic relationship, cognitive re-framing, and somatic and expressive modalities that allow for the processing and releasing of such emotions.

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