“I deeply appreciate the blend of theoretical and practical knowledge that Lisa’s Trauma I course afforded me. I strongly recommend this course and the consummate professional who teaches it.” —Michale Lockman, LCPC,

“I have been eager to strengthen my knowledge base and skill level in trauma informed care. My clients and I will benefit from the hands on approach that Lisa shares with care and attention for all of her program participants. I am now much more aware of the importance of both mind (brain) and body when it comes to the impact and significance of trauma histories and clients’ current level of functioning and satisfaction with life.” —Teresa Doniger, LPC

“Lisa is a presenter who embodies competence and warmth and grace!. The workshop itself taught me new and wonderful ways to navigate clients through trauma with dignity and a wonderfully varied choice of modalities! Lisa’s use of her personal journey with trauma patients was a wonderful and captivating way to learn.” —Eileen Thompson, ACRPS, SCAC

“This training was a game-changer for me. The strength-based approach Lisa takes has transformed the way I see my clients and the range of practical tools we were given has revitalized my work with them.” —Lisa Zimmerman, LICSW

“As a clinician, one of the most important tools we have is our self. Lisa helped me find my own internal wisdom and see my blind spots.” —Cara Nazereth, LCMFT

“I encourage every clinician to attend this course. The course’s focus on client strengths and creativity encourages you to expand your empathy and see client’s in a more complete way. After having taken this training, I feel competent in my interactions with trauma survivors and assist them in a more thoughtful way.” —Sara Murry, LGSW

“This training is amazing and provides a thorough foundation to work with clients with trauma. Everything learned helped my growth as a clinician.” —Molly Jakubek, LMFT

“Great resource provided by a gifted teacher & clinician.” —Elizabeth Mohler, LCSW

“Lisa’s style of teaching and material were so enlightening. I feel much more prepared to work with client’s than I did before the course. I highly recommend the training.” —Miriam Blau, LGSW

“There’s no way you can leave a class you taught, Lisa, without learning new strategies and examples of how to encourage others.” — Stephanie Marinelli, PhD, JD, LCPC

“I have grown as a therapist over the last nine sessions and I believe my growth allows me to see and access the strengths and resiliency in my clients in a new and different way.” —Catherine Peterson, LCSW

“This training equipped me with a greater understanding of trauma informed treatment. I feel more confidant in my practice dealing with issues of trauma and more energized to continue to increase my knowledge and efficacy.” —Susan B. Blair, LCMFT, CCDP

“This training was worth the investment. It increased my confidence as well as my competence and my ability to both maintain and model healthy boundaries and work-life balance. Lisa is a very inspiring mentor.” —Jennifer Thocher,

“Lisa’s training’s validate a lot of the work that we do and provides new formulations, techniques, and a level of confidence to apply these techniques. What a powerful experience.” —Katina Callan, LCSW

“Invaluable program; by the 2nd class you can bring your clients interventions that will make profound differences in their therapeutic journey and by the end you feel confident and competent to treat clients with trauma.” —Kathleen Traversari, LGSW

“This program is an extraordinary interpretation of several therapeutic modalities and an interesting and heartfelt alternative to the manualized, mechanical CEU offerings elsewhere.” —Karen Ross Taylor, LCSW-C

“This is an awesome training with all the qualities and more of a very excellent postdoctoral course! Lisa is a wonderful, generous mentor, lecturer, teacher and clinician.” —Janet Glover Kirkvliet, LCPC