Howard Reznick is the manager of Jewish Community Services’ Prevention Education. He and his staff of health educators and speakers provide educational programs that increase knowledge and awareness of risky behaviors and their consequences, while encouraging people in making healthy choices.
His team offers an array of prevention programs for children, teens, parents, congregations, public and private schools, and camps. He is the co-developer of the award winning, youth oriented ifIknew social media platforms.
Howard has over 40 years of clinical experience in the field of mental health and training. His practice includes working with families, supporting parents challenged with teens and young adults experiencing challenging times and behaviors. Much of his practical approaches are gleaned from parenting his six children and observing his wife’s 32 years providing licensed home child day care to close to a hundred local children, ages 6 months to 5 years of age.
For over ten years Howard specialized in oncology support at Harbor Hospital. He headed an addictions consultation service at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and was involved in physician training at the beginning of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Baltimore. Howard has directed a number of addiction treatment programs in the Baltimore area. He pioneered this work in the Baltimore Jewish Community, helping to start Jewish Addictions Service during the Cocaine epidemic of the 1980’s and continues to promote training and awareness efforts to respond to the ever-changing addiction and mental health issues facing the community.

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