Master Class – Case Consultation: Treating Post-Partum Mood Disorders Through a Trauma Lens

“Robyn did a beautiful job of bridging the gap between two important and highly intertwined areas of clinical focus, which too often aren’t talked about intersectionally. I’d highly recommend this training! “—Morgan Gross, MSW, LICSW

“Robyn was a stellar presenter and it is the rare workshop when I can say just one day later the material has changed my approach to cases and enhanced the array of techniques. I highly recommend her as a presenter and would certainly attend future workshops with her. “—Lisan Martin, LCSW-C, LICSW

Effectively Treating Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

“Enjoyed workshop.  Presenter very knowledgeable, especially about OCD treatment of which I knew basically nothing.  Experiential exercise really gave me a “felt sense” of what it is like to have OCD.  Very challenging” —Barbara Roth, LCSW-C

“Facility was convenient and comfortable. Process was organized. Presenter was knowledgeable and helpful. Content was great!” —Jacqueline Trombley, LCSW-C

“She [Susan] was [a] great [facilitator], very informed on the topic.”—Amy Waldron, LCPC

“Susan was incredibly engaging and knowledgeable about anxiety and OCD disorders. I normally dislike group activities but these made sense and were fun!”—Meghan Edwards, LGPC

“Susan was really great. Her information was not new but it did validate that what I’m doing with my anxious clients works. I did learn more about OCD which was great too.” —Carlada Razmus, LCPC

Understanding and Working with Self-Injurious Behavior (SIB)

“I am a seasoned professional and always leave trainings feeling like there was no new take away. However, after this training I left feeling recharged with new knowledge and skills. Can’t wait to get back to work to use use them. Thanks!!” —Vicki Rahenkamp, LCPC

“I found the Workshop to be extremely useful when working with my Clients who present with Trauma based history, to include appreciating how Lisa gave a totally new perspective for Borderline Personality Disorder, which we Clinicians tend to shy away from. I am considering looking into the entire Trauma program that Lisa started. Great job, and will future/other Workshops presented.” —N. Faye Powell, PhD, LCPC-S

“I really appreciated Lisa’s approachable, super informed, and engaging presentation style. The material was so applicable to not only conceptualization but also practice.” —Stephanie Durnford, LCPC

“I really valued this workshop. Lisa allowed me to more fully understand that my challenging clients are not trying to be resistant or difficult but are struggling with trauma and deeply ingrained, albeit ineffective coping mechanisms. Lisa also supported and solidified for me, what I had already been mulling over — that restructuring our treatment model for high risk and chronic relapsing individuals (substance use) to incorporate more skills training. ” —Rachel Wills, LCPC

“Lisa Ferentz is a captivating and engaging speaker. She provided worksheets and techniques for immediate use. I am looking forward to taking another training from her in the future.” —Vanessa Knoll, LCPC


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