In this hour I will explore and challenge the cultural belief that says we can and should motivate ourselves through internal bullying, relentless pushing, embarrassment, and shaming. You will learn how these forms of self-criticism actually hold us back, preventing us from achieving ours goals. Based on Richard Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems model, we will process the ways in which the Inner Critic can manifest in our thoughts and behavioral choices. We will discuss the research that proves the best form of motivation and the key to inner happiness and peace is self-compassion. Listeners will learn about the work of Kristen Neff and the key ingredients she identifies that are indicative of self-compassion. Most importantly, we will explore what to do when self-criticism is our knee jerk response to our mistakes or flaws and learn how to non-judgmentally turn those thoughts around and re-define our difficult experiences through the lens of self-compassion.

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