In this hour, Dr. Kevin Ferentz will discuss why people begin smoking, and who is most at risk to pick up the habit. We will also explore the various reasons why it is so difficult to stop smoking, and look at the most common kinds of “quit histories” that people share. We’ll explore the marketing and packaging of cigarettes and the impact that it has on encouraging people to quit. We will look at the numerous medical complications that smokers are vulnerable to developing when they continue to smoke. We will also discuss the ways in which stopping smoking can have profoundly positive consequences for your health. Most importantly, Dr. Ferentz will describe a model that he has used for many years to help countless patients successfully quit smoking. He’ll describe the important do’s and don’ts that either contribute to or sabotage the ability to successfully stop smoking. He will also share some wonderful success stories about patients who were able to quit smoking for good.

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Special Guest:

Kevin Ferentz, M.D.

Dr. Ferentz received his M.D. from SUNY at Buffalo School of Medicine, then did a Family Practice residency and fellowship at the University of Maryland. He retired from their Department of Family Medicine as an Associate Professor after 25 years on the faculty. While there, he was Director of Student and Employee Health, Director of Clinical Operations, and Residency Director. He is now the Chief Medical Officer for Baltimore Medical System. He has authored more than 36 articles and book chapters, focusing on Smoking Cessation and the treatment of Depression. He has received more than 24 teaching awards. He has been repeatedly recognized as one of the Best Family Physicians by local and national magazines and has appeared in Who’s Who in America four times. He is a past-President of the Maryland Academy of Family Physicians and served on commissions for the American Academy of Family Physicians. For 8 years he hosted Sunday Rounds, the largest medical call-in show on public radio. Learn more about Dr. Ferentz here. >

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