Research indicates that when we go to a place of gratitude it literally has an impact on our brain chemistry. Here’s how you can install and enhance a sense of gratitude into the lives of your clients’, who have a history of trauma and pain, to help them focus on what they do have, rather than what they don’t have.

2 thoughts on "Installing and Enhancing Gratitude"

  1. Tuula Koraska says:

    100 % delighted to hear you speak about the power of gratitude and its effect on our brains. In the words of Alcoholics Anonymous: “A grateful heart can’t drink” – e.g., replacing our maladaptive behavior with a simple action, like thanking the chair we sit on for its suppport, has power to change us, from the inside out- if we allow it. Thank you for sharing your clinical wisdom!

    1. Gerri Baum says:

      Thank you for your kind words Tuula. I’m so glad that you found the the blog post to be so valuable.

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