Now more than ever with kids being homeschooled, staying in place, and more disconnected from peers and outside activities, clinicians need to ask questions about excessive video gaming and the use of digital technology. Learn how this can impact attachment and why it’s important for therapists to bring it up in therapy.

2 thoughts on "Digital Technology Parenting and Attachment"

  1. Barbara Crawford says:

    Lisa, I am sorry but I was unable to respond at the end of the webinar. Thank you for your dedication & commitment to the field of Psychotherapy Supportive Services and how you are assisting other professionals in the field of validating Traumatized Survivors. I appreciate all the hard work and dedication you bring to the therapeutic session & able to recognize the struggles this profession is experiencing in the mist of the pandemic. Thank you, Barb Crawford

    1. Gerri Baum says:

      Thank you Barbara for your kind and thoughtful feedback. I’m so glad that you found the webinar to be so valuable to you.

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