As you know, The Institute goes on break during July and August and then comes back with exciting new trainings as well as the ones that are in constant demand. As we continue to navigate social distancing and attempt to keep track of what the latest “phase” allows us to do, whatever else your plans include, my hope is that you use a good part of your summer to “power down.”   The necessity of delivering care through tele-mental health forced us to spend more time staring at our computers than ever before. And most clinicians remain uncertain about when they can resume face to face practice. So, in those windows of time when you’re not in ‘Zoomland,’ have the intention of choosing activities that access other parts of your brain, give your eyes and back a rest, let you move more freely, and safely connect with others. Here are just a few suggestions.

Infographic that lists 15 ways to power down for the summer


2 thoughts on "15 Ways to “Power Down” for the Summer"

  1. Beth Johnson says:

    I am wondering what webinar ethics courses you have available?

    1. Gerri Baum says:

      Absolutely. Thanks for asking Beth. You can find a full list of Ethics courses for the fall 2020 session here:

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