Using Expressive Modalities to Connect With and Soothe Traumatized Parts

“I enjoyed this workshop. I feel like this and other offerings at the Ferentz Institute are the only time I receive continuing education that really, really speaks to these matters in a substantive manner. I hope to be able to attend more workshops in the near future. This particular one was impressive at the depth we went to in a relatively short amount of time.”  Laura Block, LCSW-C

“Although I recently attended another CEU about IFS (internal family systems) therapy, I did not hesitate to attend Lisa’s conference as I knew she would add depth and knowledge to the subject. I was not disappointed, and I was happy to gain insights that have helped me personally and professionally.” -Melissa Brown, LCPC

“The workshop was phenomenal. I already see a change in the way I conceptualize and treat clients’ presenting concerns. Learning and applying several expressive techniques first-hand in the workshop gave me the confidence to put it into practice. It also helped that the venue and workshop set-up were *amazing* and very conducive to learning.” -Ryan Muffi, LGPC

“Lisa is a gifted and energized speaker who speaks with a passion for the difficult work with trauma survivors. The workshop had immediate practical applications for day to day sessions with clients.” -Emma Pyle, LCSW


Creative Techniques for Managing Traumatic Stress: Grounding, Containment, and Resourcing

“Great introduction to some art therapy techniques specifically aimed for individuals who’ve experienced trauma.”  -Timothy Vail, Psy. D

“This was, by far the most effective CEU training I’ve attended regarding experiential interventions for Trauma. Tally Tripp wonderfully balanced between the theory and practice of grounding, containment, and resourcing all the while leading and modelling by example her practical interventions via affording us all the opportunity to experience them.   Well worth the time and memorable.” -Michelle Hammer, LCPC, CPC

“Not only was I able to leave the workshop with skills I could use the next day in session, Tally made the workshop interactive, engaging, and I was able to take concrete items for my own personal self-care toolbox!” Stephanie Durnford, LCPC

“I found it overall very interesting and helpful. Tally gave us a lot of creative techniques that are simple enough to implement as non-art therapists. I liked the structure – alternating between theory and experiential.” Martine Wisotsky, LMSW


Filling Your Experiential Toolbox: The Empty Chair, The Double and Role Play Techniques

“[H]ad a great time. Very informative. Loved the facilitator!” Laura Block, LCSW-C


Master Class: Sand Therapy and the Therapeutic Relationship

“Dr. Dee is always amazing! The workshop was everything I needed and more. And thank you for the awesome breakfast!!” Deborah Wolff, LCSW


Trauma Informed Collage Methods

“I learned a lot, and had fun doing it.” —Ronda (Rosie) Behr, LCSW-C

“It’s rare that a workshop grabs my attention and holds it from start to finish. Informative and engaging!” —Lauren Rubenstein, PsyD

“Peggy Kolodny is a master instructor who introduced so many creative and innovative ideas for me in this workshop. I gained tools, ideas, and inspiration that will directly help me give to my clients…in a way I think they will enjoy almost as much as I did in learning them!!! —Laura Greer, LCSW-C

“[Peggy] is highly experienced and provided trauma informed care regarding incorporating collage into your practice. Training also focused on the importance of art belonging to the client, and reminded about the importance of this being one of the true principles of the experiential work.” —Kathy Haerian, Haerian

“The training greatly refreshed my knowledge as an art therapist, but perhaps more importantly, I recognized the value of collage in working with difficult to reach populations. While the collage experiencials we completed were fun and relaxing, in a new way I could more confidently apply the powerful intuitive processes of collage with people who have lost everything.” —Liza Baker, MAAT

“Trauma Informed Collage Methods was a very valuable workshop as I have always had a personal affinity for collage activities and love to find ways to incorporate it into my practice. It’s also a kinder and less threatening modality for those of us who minimize or deny having artistic abilities. The facilitator Peggy and her assistant Hanna were organized and accommodating. Having minimally structured experiential components to the workshop was a smart choice. I highly recommend :)” —Karen Ross Taylor, LCSW-C

“Wonderful combination of theory, practical art prompts, and a chance to experience methods and materials. Allowed for new learning, and refinement, across a spectrum of trauma therapy and artmaking experience in the room. Thank you!” —Anne Eckman, LGSW

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