In this hour, you will learn about the difference between compulsive and intuitive eating, how to let go of dieting and reach a place of genuine acceptance about your body. If you are like countless others who struggle with issues related to food and body image, our guest will offer you concrete and effective strategies to help free you from the cycle of “yo-yo” dieting and bingeing, and the unnecessary guilt that comes from labeling foods as “good” or “bad,” “safe ” or “unsafe.” We will explore how to eat more consciously, while truly savoring the experience of enjoying food without using it for “comfort.” We will also identify the deeper problems that often underlie the “symptom” of excessive eating. Our guest will share her own personal journey with weight, food, and dieting, and you will be inspired by the peace she has been able to find, and has successfully taught so many others to achieve.

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Special Guest:

Barbara Holtzman, MSW, LICSW

Barbara is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and lifestyle coach in Providence and Wakefield, RI where she sees adults who struggle with emotional eating and weight issues. She incorporates the mind/body connection, Buddhist psychology and mindfulness meditation in her approach to helping compulsive eaters get off the diet/binge cycle. Her personal experience and passion for this work led her to write, Conscious Eating, Conscious Living; A Practical Guide to Making Peace with Food & Your Body, a workbook with CD that guides people in eating consciously, listen to their bodies, and comfort their feelings without using food. Barbara found her own natural body weight through her “Making Peace with Food & Your Body” approach, which she uses in working with individuals and in workshops. Barbara teaches at local and national conferences, has appeared on radio and television and her articles have been published widely in newspapers, magazines and on the internet.

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