Why “Borderline Personality Disorder” is a death sentence in the mental health community.  Please keep an open mind as you watch this video to learn why.

15 thoughts on "Challenging The ‘Borderline’ Diagnosis"

  1. I like the approach of Richard Schwartz in his Internal Family Systems method and have used it effectively with people who have carried this diagnosis in the past. You are right from my experience.

    1. lisaferentz says:

      Dick is a dear friend of mine and, I agree, his model is brilliant! He de-pathologizes everything, which ultimately strengthens the therapeutic relationship, brings hope to the work, and allows clients to access the wisdom of Self.

  2. Laura Reagan says:

    Yes Lisa!!!!! I agree with you 100%! I’m proud to say I’ve never assigned this diagnosis either. Thank you for speaking out to de-pathologize mental health treatment!

    1. lisaferentz says:

      Thanks, Laura! I know in the amazing work that you do you’ve long understood the need to de-pathologize the symptoms of “borderline”and re-frame clients’ suffering as the inevitable by-product of trauma.

  3. steve says:

    Perfect! Finally, some said what I have ben thinking for years! And, is often the therapists own misguided fear and emotional instability that gets in the way! We can not give away what we do not have…

    1. lisaferentz says:

      Thank you for taking the time to weigh in on such an important issue! I appreciate your acknowledging the role that counter-transference plays!

  4. Vicki says:

    Thanks for sharing your perspective. Nicely stated.

    1. lisaferentz says:

      Thanks, Vicky! It’s heartening to see the number of clinicians who really understand the importance of re-framing a diagnosis that is so misunderstood and remains a “death sentence” in the mental health field!

  5. Jodie Gale says:

    Love this Lisa – couldn’t agree more. I work with women with eating disorders, the same is true in this field – the work is primarily about the underlying trauma and attachment.

    1. lisaferentz says:

      You are so right to suggest that many of the “symptoms” that get associated with borderline personality disorder and the suffering it causes get self-medicated through destructive behaviors/cooping strategies including eating disorders. Whenever I treat an eating disorder I am always looking to rule out issues of attachment and trauma!

  6. Asesh Datta says:

    Understanding ‘borderline personality disorder’ is something very well explained in the video. Is it a condition, anyone before committing suicide? Thanks for the understanding. Regards

    1. lisaferentz says:

      The symptoms that the mental health field label as “borderline” certainly can create tremendous emotional and psychological distress. When the root cause is trauma, it’s important to assess for undiagnosed and untreated depression as that would be the strongest catalyst for suicidal ideation.

  7. Deb says:

    Thank you for your positive contribution to those with BPD traits and diagnosis. I have been the recipient of judgemental treatment due to the “death sentence” that you describe. These two situations occurred in sessions with experienced professionals to my surprise.

    1. Lisa Ferentz says:

      We still have a ways to go to fully educate and inform mental health providers about the damage it does when clients are pathologized and a glass ceiling is placed on their healing.

  8. Thank you so much for this incredible video on people with Borderline Personality Disorder. I run a charity providing a platform to educate the wider population surrounding trauma based mental illnesses, including Borderline Personality Disorder. We do not believe there is such thing as a ‘disordered personality’ and we are determined to reduce the stigma around this diagnosis. Your message is exactly the one we want to share- would there be any chance we could share your video in a post whilst obviously putting a link to your website next to it? It would help so much to show that there are others in solidarity. Thank you. Hannah Michaels

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