In this hour I will talk about the exciting and optimistic concept of Post-Traumatic Growth. This theory states that traumatic life events including medical diagnoses, transportation accidents, childhood abuse and neglect, acts of terrorism, divorce, and loss can all be transformed into experiences that yield a higher level of self-actualization. We will explore how actually struggling with these experiences can help us reach this higher plane. We will process the arenas that become strengthened as a byproduct of trauma including: how we relate to others; rediscovering our inner strengths; a deepening sense of spirituality; a belief in new possibilities and opportunities; and a deeper appreciation for life. We will look at the personality traits that make post-traumatic growth more likely to occur, and how we can encourage others to see these glimmers of growth even as they struggle to process and heal from their pain. Join us for an hour that will be inspiring and uplifting!

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